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16 января 2016, 04:18

The Real Reason Chipotle Hasn't Been Able to Solve Its E. Coli Problem

The Real Reason Chipotle Hasn't Been Able to Solve Its E. Coli Problem

Chipotle announced it will be closing up shop nationwide for a few hours as part of its attempt to halt its ongoing E. Coli outbreak. But why hasn’t the company been able to stop the outbreak, or even find the source yet? The answer isn’t in the restaurant chain—it’s in the bacteria.

To understand the problem, ask yourself a simple question: What’s everything you’ve eaten in the last four days? If you find that difficult to answer at the spur of the moment, you’ve basically sussed out the problem of E. coli tracking.

Some bacteria get people sick within hours, and in those cases it’s fairly simple to find and test a source. E. coli, however, usually takes from three to 10 days to hit. By the time a common food among all the people who are ill has been traced to a particular kitchen, whatever ingredient that was getting people sick is most likely gone, making simple testing an impossibility.